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Gondola WoW is a company established on pluriannual experience, by persons who love the most beautiful toawn in the world, Venice, and that every day try to transmit such feeling to the millions of guests which come to visit and to explore this lagoon city.

At this point, if you are looking for to live the venetian experience through one of the wonderful proposals and let you gently bobbing on a gondola tour and our gondolier with decennial experience will lead you with s historical gondola across the numerous canals oh this enchanting city.
Through our proposal, born bu our engagement, lavished during the years to realize a winning co-operation, you could quitely relay on the seriousness and professionalism of a private and personal service which will render your experience unique and unfogettable.


Embrking in the best place: we have selected for you the best boarding point in Venice, in a beautiful and central area of the city, the Santa Maria Del Giglio gondoliers station, which is located just 200 meters from Piazza San Marco directly on the Grand Canal. In the voucher you will receive after payment you will find a link that will guide you through the streets and squares of the city until you reach our embarkation point.

Tour sized for you: WoW Gondola thinks of everyone! Among our proposals there are 3 different private gondola rides, designed for those who want to enjoy this experience enjoying the exclusivity of the entire Gondola. The gondola rides we have selected offer different prices and routes to give you the opportunity to choose the one that best suits your needs. The most romantic will also find the opportunity to sail in the magical atmosphere that Venice offers with its quiet canals, even in the evening.
You will find the description and prices of our tours in the dedicated section.

Not in a hurry, keep your time: bought one of our daytime gondola rides, unforeseen events or changes to your schedules will not be a problem. Gondola WoW offers 11 different departure times, where you can take advantage of the service even if it does not correspond to the time you selected when booking. Simply show up at the embarkation point and show off your voucher to enjoy your gondola ride in complete peace of mind. For organizational reasons, departures in evening time slots need to respect the time confirmed during the booking process.

What are you waiting for? What are you waiting for... all you have to do is decide and purchase the service that best suits you, present your voucher at the boarding point and enjoy the gondola ride in Venice in all its splendour.

Special attention to the details: thanks to the special co-operation with some of the best gondoliers of Venice, all aou guests will be alike followed and attended during the embarking as well as the Landing, and in addition, during the time of high season, id.est. from June 1st to September 30th, we put at your disposal a VIP area, which will avoid you the bother of phrenitis go those groups of visitors which every year come to Venice.

Everything with a click: once you have booked, on your voucher you will see a small map which will show you, close to the embarking point, all the most useful places like (bars, restaurants, chemist shops, public baths, a.s.o.)

Relax yourself: at this moment, you have ended the embarking procedure and after you have taken a souvenir picture, it remains to you to rely on the skilled hands of the gondolier who by rowing on his gondola will let you experience an unforgettable emotion, driving you with wealth of details, along the mysterious Venetian canals with the purpose to let you understand the essence of the Venetian soul.

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