Are prams permitted aboard the gondola?

If space permits and it is possible, yes. Otherwise, you can leave your pram at the boarding area, stored at the gondolier’s station.

Are dogs permitted aboard the gondola?

Yes, small dogs are permitted aboard the gondola.

Does the gondolier sing?

No, gondoliers are professionals whose job is to navigate the gondola.

Are food and drink permitted aboard the gondola?

Food and drink are not usually permitted. Please confirm with your designated gondolier.

Are e-vouchers permitted?

Yes, in fact they are preferable.

Do I need to notify a change in time?

as specified, for daytime gondola rides, there are various departure times available that can be chosen by you freely without prior notice. A time will be indicated when booking but if you are early or late you can still use the service in one of the departures that we provide. For evening gondola rides it is necessary to respect the time selected during booking.

What do I do if the weather is bad?

In the unfortunate event of adverse weather conditions, we advise you to go to the embarkation point, the gondolier responsible for the service, can give you indications on what to do. In our experience the service may be postponed but rarely suspended throughout the day. The purchase of the private day tour with many departures is the one that offers the most guarantees from this point of view, giving you the opportunity to decide for yourself when to take advantage of your gondola ride in Venice. In any case you can contact us to move the service the next day or the day before.

If you have any further queries, please get in touch with us.